Research Fellow, Magnetic Resonance Systems Research Laboratory

Summer 2019 - Stanford, CA

Through the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program, at Stanford, I worked at the Magnetic Resonance Systems Research Laboratory (MRSRL) to develop a machine learning framework to detect motion artifacting in pediatric MRI and provide data informed suggestions to MR technicians, a problem which would help reduce inefficent use of high-cost doctor hours on filtering out poor MRI scans.

My work from this summer culminated into a first authored research paper at the 2020 IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, for which I received full funding (nearly two thousand dollars) to attend, through a competitive application to the Patrick Hummel and Harry Gray Travel Fund and the George W. Housner Student Discovery Fund.

At MRSRL, I worked under Prof. Shreyas Vasanawala (Radiology), Dr. Ukash Nakarmi (Electrical Engineering), and Chris Sandino (Electrical Engineering).