About Me

I’m currently a undergraduate at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) studying Computer Science and BEM (Business, Economics, and Management).


I’m generally interested in machine learning, computer vision, and network design. I specifically enjoy studying how computer science intersects with other fields, whether it be medical imaging or game theory, and I’m always excited to work on projects that combine aspects from multiple disciplines. You can find my CV here.


Currently, I’m working with Prof. Anima Anandkumar, Dr. Yuanyuan Shi, and Florian Schafer to extend the two player Competitive Gradient Descent and Competitive Mirror Descent algorithms to a multi-agent, reinforcement learning setting.

Previously, I’ve worked at the Magnetic Resonance Systems Research Laboratory at Stanford University under Prof. Shreyas Vasanawala and Prof. Ukash Nakarmi, working on the development of a deep-learning framework to detect motion artifacting in pediatric MRI and provide data informed suggestions to MR technicians.

I’ve also worked at The Wall Lab at Stanford University, under Prof. Dennis Wall and Prof. Nick Haber on developing a machine-learning classifier for the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder based on a patient’s accuracy in emotional recognition and level of facial engagement.

Work Experience

I’ve also previously interned at Google Brain as a Software Engineering Intern on the TensorFlow Extended team, working on an end-to-end platform to automatically train and deploy ML models in production.

This coming Spring 2021, I will be working as a Software Engineering Intern at Nuro, and this coming Summer 2021, I’ll be interning at Citadel also as a Software Engineering Intern.

Other Interests

In addition to my academic and teaching commitments, I’m also a NCAA Division 3 collegiate student athlete, and have placed as a finalist four times at the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletics Conference (SCIAC) Swimming Championships.

Contact Info

You can email me at jjma [AT] caltech [DOT] edu, or through my LinkedIn on the left.